5 funny things about horses

5 Funny Things about Horses

Horses have a very funny side. They can look like serious and boring animals, and then they show us very funny faces.


These are 5 Funny Things about Horses:


1. Showing their upper teeth:

The result is they look like they are having a good laugh. What they are doing is called a Flehmen response.

By curling the upper lip, the horse forces a smell to go further into the nasal cavity to be analyzed.


2. Scratch each other’s butts:

They will be using their teeth to scratch each other’s butts. This area can be a tough place for horses to reach on their own.

It is beneficial to both of them to work together to reach the itchy spots. Grooming between herd members is also a sign of respect and acceptance.


3. Follow things on the ground:

Horses are curious by nature. But they don’t have very good eyesight directly in front of them.

When they see something on the ground that intrigues them, they have to lower their head to get a better view.


4. Play with Toys:

Horses are intelligent animals that get bored easily. There are several ways to combat boredom in horses. One of these is giving them toys.


5. Rolling around:

Rolling can have several benefits. Horses that have the opportunity to roll regularly have fewer back problems and can potentially have a longer riding career.

That one itch that they just can’t reach may be their reason for a good roll.


Each horse has its own personality, and we can have a good time and laugh a lot with them. They are very intelligent animals and also very funny.

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