All you need to know about Horses

All you need to know about Horses!

Horses are found in almost every country in the world and every continent except Antarctica.
Horses are very social animals. They live in groups called herds. In the wild, horses will live in herds that consist of three to 20 animals and are lead by a mature male, which is called a stallion. The rest of the herd is made up of females and their young.
Horses are herbivores. This means they only eat vegetation. Typically, horses eat grass, but domesticated horses are often fed bran, rolled oats, barley and hay, as well. A well-fed horse eats 1 to 2 percent of its body weight in roughage, such as grass or hay, every day.
Domesticated horses are also given blocks of salt and mineral blocks to lick. This is to supplement the nutrition that the horses get from their food.
Horses only have one stomach, unlike cows, and it is small. So to get enough food, a horse must graze throughout the day.

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