Horses and Men

Horses and Men

Horses improved the life of men immensely. They were fast, could carry humans and heavy loads, and survived on low quality vegetation. The taming and domestication of horses was an important step in the history of mankind.

It allowed people to move across distances at level never imagined before and migrate from isolated pockets to places where no other people lived.
Horses have provided transport and labor as well as leather tools, milk and meat. In times of peace they were means of commerce and a widely traded good. In times of war they were battlefield vehicles.
Horses are controlled with a bit, which is placed between a natural gap between the front and rear teeth.
Mongol adults ate, drank, conducted meeting, did business and even slept on horseback. Young children, not yet able to walk, were put on the backs of sheep so they get the feel of riding.
Horses were first cloned in 2005. This was achieved with a surrogate mother that was also a genetic donor.
One of the best polo players in the world has cloned his best horse and now the clone is the best in its kind!

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