person riding a horse

How to get on a horse for the first time

Some people may feel a little intimidated by horse riding, not because of horses themselves, but because they are not sure how to approach them safely. Here are some tips to get on a horse for the first time and enjoy an amazing horse riding experience. You should first stand next to your horse and ...
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horses with saddles

5 Types of Horse Riding Saddles

The saddle may be one of the most distinctive pieces of equipment associated with horse riding and equine sports. However, each horseback riding discipline is associated with its own equipment, and saddles can vary greatly in terms of materials and size. General Purpose Saddle Often used in riding s...
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bikes and horses sharing trails in estancias and rural areas

Bikes and Horses Sharing Trails

Whenever you visit an estancia, you can choose from different exciting options to relax. If you want to have a great time out of town, horse riding and cycling are perfect for you. Whatever your preference is, you should bear in mind a few safety tips for bikes and horses sharing trails. Visiting an...
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