horse riding

How to Ride a Horse Safely

It has been proven that being in connection with animals generates multiple benefits for the human mind and body. Ride a Horse is no exception.


Among the benefits we get from horse riding are correcting our posture, increasing muscle strength, boosting our confidence, coordination and reflexes, and enhancing our concentration and attention span.


Wonderful, isn’t it? Now, when riding a horse for the first time, it is important to take into account that we have the right equipment, pay attention to the instructor, and do not forget the following points:

1. Have the right reins:
They should be at a short distance from the horse, in order to guide the horse correctly.


2. The grip with the legs:
Riding is more a matter of balance than of grip. Squeezing too hard can be interpreted by the horse as a signal to move forward.


3. Posture:
Keeping your back straight is important, as it will also help you keep your center of gravity on your stomach.


And finally, enjoy the ride! Let the wind caress your face, and enjoy the horse’s gait.

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horse riding
January 28, 2022

How to Ride a Horse Safely