argentine petisero

Horse caretaker: The Petisero

The horse caretaker, called the Petisero in Argentina, is the key to having a strong and healthy horse.


More than a job, the petisero’s connection with the horse becomes almost a family bond. The horse is a very intelligent and emotional animal, and the petisero is in charge of monitoring its physical and emotional state, every day of the year.


When the breeding is focused on the competitive field of polo, the work is differentiated into “new horses”, which are those recently delivered from dressage, and “player horses“, which are already trained.


At the time of riding or training, the petisero prepares the horse, places the saddle, putting on the reins, the bandages on the legs and the braces. A petisero can get to know a horse so well that he can tell when it is in the mood and when it is not.


The petisero can tell when the horse knows if it is a rest day, a training day or a polo match, just by looking at it, because in addition to changing its routine, the horse understands what each change means.


Caring for a horse is almost like caring for a child, it must be fed, watered, bedded, trotted, and then left in the field to rest and graze freely.


The connection between groomer and equine is definitely a relationship without equal, and very valuable for horse owners.

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