the character of the horse

The Character of the Horse

The horse, like any other animal, have an individuality that differentiates it from the rest, makes it unique within the other species.

One of the elements that characterize this peculiarity is the character. Knowing the character of the horse is important both for riders, as owners or lovers of this beautiful animal, especially because the manner in which the approach takes place will depend on these features.

Generally, the horse’s character tends to be tame. With security, precise care and respect, it is possible to approach and train it. The horse is guided by instincts, and the most common of them is preservation. Faced with the possibility of a threat, the animal reacts. For all this, is important to generate a relationship of trust and know how the horse respond to human behavior.

This animal, is a social animal, that lives in herds when it is in its natural state. It tends to be dominant and establishes a hierarchy of dominance, without being violent. Aggression is not part of it nature and prefers to flee rather than fight. However, if they feel in danger, they react by kicking or even biting.

Like the human being, the horse communicates with its specie. As they don’t make almost sounds, they communicate through the movements of the body. Observing the ways in which the horse behaves, the movements of his ears, muzzle, tail and body posture, will help to know what ways it has to communicate. This will make it easier to build trust.

Bad character among horses exists, although it is not the most common situation. This trait is demonstrated fundamentally from certain particular attitudes. The important thing, in this case, is the bond that is generated with the human being and the degree of mutual knowledge.

The temperament instead has to do with the type of race or bloodline. In general, the horse is characterized by being nervous and hyperactive. Depending on the temperament, there are three types of horses. Those of warm blood, also called of pure race; they are the most active, nervous and alert. Those with warm blood are the cross between those with hot and cold blood. Finally, the cold-blooded, generally calm, meek, come from heavy draft breeds.

In conclusion, the horse is a fascinating animal, whose character can be understood with observation and a good predisposition. With a positive interaction, based on respect, and under the premise of increasing mutual trust, it is possible to interpret those features that define it.

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