horse breeding

Horse Breeding

Horses are mammals of the equidae family. When it comes to horse breeding, there are around 86 different breeds of horses worldwide.


In this sense, the breeding of horses is quite rigorous and there are many things to consider since it must be very responsible.Firstly, horses are animals that require, as a necessity, an environment of distraction, in which they can run and not feel drowned or stressed, since this is where the uprisings come from.

The mare has a natural breeding season, but increased light stimulates the receptor centers in the brain that trigger the production of reproductive hormones. For this reason, spring appears as one of the best seasons for reproduction, and can last until fall. In addition, during spring the food is usually much more abundant and the weather conditions are mild, very suitable conditions for breeding.

A male can reproduce from the early age of eighteen months. This rarely occurs, since sexual maturity in equines is reached around three years. For mares, the ideal age for reproduction is four years so that calving occurs at five years, a stage in which the mare is fully developed and the problems that could occur in growing mares are minimized. The gestation period usually lasts about eleven months, although there are mare pregnancies that last only ten months and situations where the foal’s maturity is not reached until one year.

The mother’s care during pregnancy should be extreme, especially during the last three months of gestation, which is when the baby is developed inside the uterus. Diet is very important. It is also highly advisable to carry out some exercise, such as light jogging or walks. A curiosity related to horse breeding is that calving usually takes place at night, when the herd is unlikely to be on the move. The birth does not last more than fifteen minutes, although in case the mother notices some type of danger, she herself is able to interrupt the birth.

Only an hour after birth the baby is able to stand up and after two hours is able to run.
As you can see there are many things to consider for horse breeding. And not only when they are young but throughout their lives. Caring for the horse requires several things such as adequate space, accessories, food and a considerable time of dedication.

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