horses in the countryside feeding

Polo Horse Feeding – Part 2

The polo horse feeding is as important as that of an athlete. The care, feeding, hydration and routine of the horse is extremely important for optimal development.   The horse’s diet is a herbivorous diet, which includes for example: forage, oats, barley, hay, fruits, flaxseed, corn, whea...
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argentine petisero

Horse caretaker: The Petisero

The horse caretaker, called the Petisero in Argentina, is the key to having a strong and healthy horse.   More than a job, the petisero’s connection with the horse becomes almost a family bond. The horse is a very intelligent and emotional animal, and the petisero is in charge of monitori...
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horse psychology

Horse Psychology

Although there are many types of horses, even today they all share certain common and universal characteristics as a result of their evolution, imprinted in their genetic code, which are what give them their own identity as a horse. Below we will describe some of the main characteristics of horse ps...
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