Argentine Polo Horse

The characteristics of the Argentine Polo Horse are specific and carefully distinguishable, since this breed is born from purebred race horses crossed with rustic country horses.

Although it was used for several years, the rusticity of the horses in the game was abandoned averaging the 70s while increasing professionalism and competition in this sport. The speed began to be the most valuable skill of these exponents, intervening here the Purebred Race, special for races since they have great resistance and speed.

The Argentine polo horse is not always beautiful since it is raised more for its agility and skill than for its beauty. It has a long neck, a slender body, and strong rooms and limbs to withstand the demand of this sport.

The legs of the Argentine polo horses are wide, rounded and smooth; and the tail is elegantly implanted. This set of skills allow you to fulfill your riding function for the practice of polo. Sometimes the tail is braided, to prevent the hair from getting tangled with the tacos. The animal’s mane is also often cut close to the skin to prevent the rider from hooking them with the bridle.

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