Horses Feeding

Horses feeding depends largely on the size, race, age or physical activity they have, and even the climate or place in which they live. Even so, it is normal for a horse to need approximately one kilo of food per day for every 45-46 kilos of weight, which would be about 10 kilos of food per day, approximately, for the medium-weight horse.

They should eat two or three times a day and their diet is usually based on hay and grain. The proportion between hay and grain could be between 1-3 kilos of grain and about 7.5-10 kilos of hay per day, provided that the horse has a normal activity (horse ridden one hour each day of the week). The time they eat should also be the same, avoiding changing it frequently. In addition, you should leave a period of time between the period for physical activity and the time of the meal, because your horse may feel bad to eat directly after finishing his walk or daily workload.

In addition to food, they need a lot of fresh and clean water. Watch that your bucket is always full and place it inside some type of support that prevents them from overturning it, such as a tire. In case the horse gets sick, you see that he has gained a lot or lost weight or any situation that you don’t see regularly, consult your veterinarian to recommend another type of feeding or examine it thoroughly to know the cause of these anomalies.

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