Dressing for Horseback Riding

Dressing for Horseback Riding

Dressing for a horseback ride doesn’t require much effort, but you should be aware of what not to wear.


High heels should be discarded among the footwear options. The terrain in the countryside is very irregular, and there may be accidents when walking, so it is not recommended.


Shorts may be considered comfortable clothes, but in addition to the fact that if you don’t have repellent you will have a bad time, when riding a horse it will be uncomfortable to rub against the animal’s fur, which is thick and itchy.


Flip-flops, like shorts, are closely related to vacations and comfortable clothing, but for horseback riding in the countryside they are the last option, right next to heels. They need comfortable but also practical shoes that protect you when walking and riding.


Now that you know what not to wear, we tell you what you can wear, and what’s ideal for a horseback ride: cotton t-shirt, or shirt with ventilation system, fresh, jeans or cargo pants, sneakers or trekking shoes, insect repellent and of course sunscreen.

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