How To Use Reins On A Horse

How To Use Reins On A Horse

How to use the reins correctly, or how to use them smoothly, is the key to achieving a better ride.


In addition to using the reins to move, turn and stop the horse, it is also important to use your legs and voice to direct the horse.


This use of techniques helps to improve communication with the horse, so the horse will understand the command better, which will make you a better rider.


It is also important to find the right length of reins. If they are too long, the elbow will be too bent, and if they are too short, the elbow will be too stretched. When holding the reins, the elbow should be close to the body.


Keeping these tips in mind when using the reins helps to maintain balance in the saddle, to have a smoother ride with the horse and to be a better rider.

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