How to canter on your polo pony

How to canter on your polo pony

Canter on your polo pony is widely used in polo. It is useful to give freedom to the horse when galloping at high speeds.

After warming up, it’s important to work in a canter as the horse will usually only canter in a polo game.

Ask for a controlled canter in a 15m circle for three rounds and then speed up in a straight line for 20m or more.

Slow down, but stay in the canter, and circle again, ensuring that the horse is stepping under nicely with his hindquarters and bending through the body, then push forward into a faster straight line again.

To canter on your polo pony is important to:

Keep your head upright.

Look straight ahead.

Back straight.

Shoulders aligned.

The heels should point downwards.

And be relaxed.

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