Horses vision compared to humans

It’s easy to think that horses and other animals perceive things exactly like we do. But that’s actually very far from the truth, in fact, the structure and position of their eyes are somewhat different than humans’, which makes a difference in the distance, color, vividness, and visua...
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Avoid these 5 mistakes when riding a horse

1- Tying Or Attaching Yourself To the Saddle or Horse You might want to do this in order to secure yourself fromfalling off the horse, but if you do fall off, you want to fall free. This lessens your chance of getting dragged, which could result in far worse injuries than just hitting the ground. [&...
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All about HORSES

Horses use their ears, eyes and nostrils to express their mood. They also communicate their feelings through facial expressions, and they have near 360 degree vision. They do however have blind spots directly in front and behind them.  It is extremely Dangerous to ...
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Horses in Argentina

The producers and companies who dedicate to horse breeding in Argentina are promoting the creation of a brand of their own that allows them to consolidate themselves within the global equine industry. The breed of horses native to Argentina is known as “caballo criollo” and is distributed throug...
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Horse Names

If you’ve ever been to a horse race, you probably know that most horse names are ridiculous. Cats and dogs are usually given cute, powerful, or human-like names, but horses tend to end up with names like “Seabiscuit”, “Horlicks” or “Ohnoitsmymotherinlaw.” As random as this may seem, t...
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