Why is hay so important for horses?

Why is hay so important for horses?

Like for any living being, eating is a way to ingest nutrients to survive. But simply eating whatever will not necessarily guarantee a horse’s good health. A balanced diet of grass and hay is key to keep their bodies functioning properly.


Hay plays a huge role in a horse’s diet and it’s one of the most common things to feed them. But why is hay so important for horses?


It provides bulk

Hay provides bulk or volume to the horse’s food ration, especially when it is hard for them to access good quality grazing.


It is a rich source of fiber

Hay is really rich in high fibre. This helps keep the entirety of a horse’s digestive system working efficiently.


It promotes healthy chewing

Hay is known as a long-stem fibre, meaning that it takes a significant amount of chewing to digest in comparison to hard feeds. This chewing process stimulates saliva production and helps control the naturally acidic environment of the stomach.

Moreover, frequent chewing can also help calm and satisfy the horse, simulating natural trickle feeding behaviour.


Feed your horses rich hay and consult with your veterinary for additional foods to maintain a balanced healthy diet for your horses.

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