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In order to have good health, it is very important to respect the instinct of each animal. This also applies to equine feeding. 

In the case of the horse, being a herbivore, it would not make any sense to give him, for example, meat since, in addition to being a waste of time and money, his body would not know how to digest it correctly. Therefore, we must give it grass, flowers, and fruits.

The diet of a horse is composed mainly of the following:

• Oats: it is rich in proteins, fats, and starch. It is the horse’s main source of energy

• Garlic powder: it is a potent natural antiparasitic that, having no side effects for the equine, can be given regularly.

• Barley: helps keep you in shape.

• Hay: essential for the horse to have the energy it needs.

• Fruits and roots: they provide vitamins and minerals.

• Flaxseed: it is rich in proteins and has stimulating properties. It has to be supplied cooked.

• Corn: it contributes a lot of energy, but it is poor in proteins and can be somewhat indigestible.

• Minerals: they are not mandatory, but sometimes it may be necessary to supply minerals as supplements.

• Wheat bran: 1kg daily is enough.


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