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Life Expectancy of a Horse

Horses are pretty long-lived animals. An average horse in captivity usually lives about 30 years, but there are some breeds that can exceed this figure as purebred Arabian horses that reach 35 years of life. In contrast, the average life expectancy of horses in freedom is shortened to 25 years.

Ponies are considered all those horses of low height. The International Equestrian Federation considers ponies all those horses that do not exceed 148 centimeters in height without horseshoes. The height of the horses is measured up to the cross, an area that is slightly above the back and that joins the neck of the horse with its back.

As for feeding, horses are strictly herbivorous. In fact, they have fully adapted teeth to start and chew grass. The teeth of the horses do not stop growing throughout their lives so they can continue to graze properly. The pattern of growth and wear of the incisor teeth allows determining the age of the horses, although the wear also depends on the diet and feeding.

Horses are mammals and herbivores that were domesticated more than 5000 years ago in Asia. The females are called mares and the horse calves are called foals. With its domestication, the horse was used mainly for the transport of people and merchandise. At present, the use of horses is limited exclusively to the sports field; in the equestrian, the rodeo, or polo.


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