Horses curiosities

3 Curiosities of Horses

3 Curiosities of Horses

  1. How many liters of water do horses drink?

Horses drink between 25 and 55 liters of water per day. This amount varies according to the size and weight of the equine, as well as its activity and location.

  1. Horses’ teeth do not stop growing.

This is due to the continuous wear and tear to which horses’ teeth are exposed. Their teeth chew grass between 12 and 18 hours a day, which causes a great deal of wear and tear and is compensated for by this incessant growth.

  1. Position of the eyes

The position of the eyes allows a panoramic vision. The equine’s visual field is quite wide, it has monocular and binocular vision, it can see different things with each eye at the same time. With both eyes at the same time, it can see from its nose and downwards, so the forehead is a blind area that horses have.

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