Horse Shearing

Shearing a horse means shaving all or part of its hair. The type of shearing (the amount of hair sheared) will depend on how long the horse’s work will last and how dense its coat becomes during the winter. Also, shearing will reduce the time it takes for the horse to cool down after exercise.

Shearing the horse is also part of the presentation: it shows neatness and improves appearance. This procedure is done in both summer and winter.

There are different types of shearing such as Neck and Chest Shearing, Hitch Shearing, Irish Shearing, Blanket Shearing, Hunting Shearing, and Full Shearing.

Steps for a haircut:

Prepare the horse. Dirt and some debris on the horse’s coat will remove the edge of the clippers as you cut, so it is best to prepare and clean the horse well before shearing it. If possible, bathe the horse the night before shearing to remove as much dirt as possible.

Delimit the areas you plan to shear. Use chalk or masking tape to divide the areas you plan to cut. Be sure to make straight lines and delimit all areas of the coat before you start shearing.

Make sure the horse is not scared to the sound of the clippers. Let the horse see the clippers. Allow the horse to notice the noise of the clippers.

Sharpen the blades. When you cut anything, the sharper the blades, the easier the procedure becomes. If you use new clippers, chances are you won’t have to sharpen the blades. If you use clippers or blades that have already been used, send them to sharpen or sharpen the blades yourself at home.

Take into account the temperature of the clippers. Clippers must operate at room temperature. If they get hot, the motor will overheat and will not work well. If the clippers are always hot, turn them off and let them cool for several minutes before trying to use them again.

Finally, cover the horse. The horse will not get used to sudden temperature changes due to the haircut. Therefore, you will have to cover it every time it is outside. In general, if you need a light coat, put a blanket on the horse; if it is very cold, your horse will also need a thick winter blanket.

Horses are beautiful animals. Cutting their hair makes them show off all their splendor!

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