All you need to know about Horses

Things You Need to Know about Horses

Horses are prey animals, and for this reason their anatomy, physiology and behavior are perfectly adapted with the purpose of protecting their life from predators. The fact that they are prey animals also means that they do not attack or kill to eat, and that they depend on their speed to survive.

In turn, horses have their own social organization: the herd, with clear and precise laws, which they naturally respect. In this herd there are hierarchies and the fact that there is a hierarchical order has the function, among other things, of preserving the life of the group. Living in a group makes them feel safer.

Being a prey animal, it has greatly developed its external senses, especially hearing. Their ears move at different angles and their shape allows them to capture very distant sounds that are imperceptible to us.

Another highly developed sense in the horse is the sense of smell, through which they “smell danger” but also smell their herd companions and human or other species friends.

Lastly, horses are social animals with a great need for communication. Between them they establish very deep and lasting ties of friendship, until they have a very intimate friend within the pack, to whom they neigh when they move away from him.

Horses are undoubtedly very special animals with countless characteristics to analyze within their personality. In a future post we will tell you more details to get to know this incredible species in depth.

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