bandages and protectors for horses

Bandages and Protectors for Horses

The legs of horses are one of the most important parts of their physiognomy, since on their four legs the horses support all their weight. For this reason, there are several types of bandages and protectors for horses.

Bandages and protectors are part of the horse’s equipment, which, although considered accessories, are essential for the good care of the extremities of the sport horse.

Both have several functions: to hold the tendons warm and protect them from impacts both with something in the environment and against their own legs.

Although they are not exactly the same between them, so we found that the protectors are usually more used in disciplines such as jumping where the horse is prone to hitting itself with the feet in the hands.

On the other hand, bandages are more effective in heating the tendon, and with more used in dressage.

All bandages, regardless of the type of bandage, must be used with a layer under the padding, foam or shock absorbing pad; except for the tail bandages and some designed for the stable. The bandages are attached using adhesive tape or velcro.

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