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Basic care of horses that every owner should know

Owning a horse is a great responsibility and we need to learn some basic care of horses. The are, by nature, sociable animals destined to graze in the open spaces with their flock.

While they learn to adapt to the life of the stable, it is very important to exercise them to satisfy their physical needs. A horse will feel bored and sad if it does not have the usual company of humans and other horses.

While there is no requirement as to the exact area needed for horses, it is generally considered that one hectare of grass per horse is sufficient, this area should always be examined to avoid possible dangers such as the existence of garbage in the grass, holes in the fence, among others.

Also check weekly that there are no poisonous plants in the area such as yew, belladonna, cana grass, foxglove, gold buttons, oak leaves, and acorns, ferns, laurel, aligustre, saffron meadow, castor, grass crazy, tail horse, star thistle and sorghum.

The grass must be fenced, of course, to prevent your horse from escaping or getting injured. For this you can use the wire that stays well secured in the wooden posts, it is never recommended to use barbed wires. Your horse also requires a shelter to protect the wind, rain, and sun, a natural legend, good shade, but also to protect the wind and rain.

Make sure that this sea is large enough to allow all horses to fit together and build the bottom so that it protects it from the wind.

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