How long do most horses live?

How long do most horses live? | Horse Riding In Argentina

Many horses live over thirty years old and that seems to surprise people. Now, a thirty-year-old horse isn’t so rare as it once might have been.

So how long do horses and ponies live?

Advances in the understanding of care and veterinary medicine have increased the lifespan of horses, just as improved medical and nutritional knowledge has benefited humans. This means horses and ponies are living longer than ever just as many people are. In the past, readers submitted the ages of the oldest horses they know and from this information, it is clear that many horses live beyond the age of 30 with good care and some senior horses are still ridden or driven lightly.

Many people report that with good care, their senior horses continue to live healthy and useful lives. With careful attention to basic maintenance of a senior horse such as feed, dental and hoof care many horses can remain sound and useful into their senior years, and remain a joy to their owners even when fully retired. Some may still be used to give children lessons, other senior and retired horses keep young horses company and teach them good horse manners. Others are just enjoyed for their personality and presence.

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