All you need to know about Horses

Things You Need to Know about Horses

Horses are prey animals, and for this reason their anatomy, physiology and behavior are perfectly adapted with the purpose of protecting their life from predators. The fact that they are prey animals also means that they do not attack or kill to eat, and that they depend on their speed to survive. I...
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polo horse

Polo Horses

Polo horses comes from the crossbreading between the pur blooded horses and the Argentine criollo horse. It is a fast and agile horse, perfect for polo practice, but it can also be use for other equitation discipline. Argentine is at the leading edge of breeding, reproduction and marketing of those ...
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horses communication

The Horses’ Ears and Their Communication

Horses communicate primarily through their body language, and their ears are a great indicator of their mood. Thanks to the 16 muscles they have in them, they can move them in various directions and express themselves. In today’s post we will tell you the 6 basic positions so you can understan...
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