How to gain a horse’s trust

How to gain a horse’s trust

Trust is a fundamental element when it comes to horses and interacting with them. When there is a lack of trust, the horse will misbehave and perhaps even be scared, making it difficult to have a pleasant ride. Learning how to earn a horse’s trust can both help you ride with more confidence as well as build a lasting relationship with your animal.


Here is how to gain a horse’s trust:


Build a relationship with the horse

A correct approach of the horse is key. You don’t want to make a sudden approach that may scare the horse. To avoid this, you should approach the horse from the side (never from behind!), avoiding direct eye contact. Let them smell you and your hand to let them know you mean no harm.


Spend time together

Grooming your horse, riding them and just overall spending quality time with them will help you gain their trust a build a long-term relationship. This way you will learn more about their personality, their behavior, what scares them and what they like. Some sports such as Polo are a good way to start a bond with your horse!



Walk them

For scared and anxious horses, it may be best to walk by their side calmly before jumping on the saddle to ride them. This will help them get used to your presence and eventually feel more comfortable with you riding them and being in their personal space.



Try these tips to gain your horse’s trust and let us know your results!

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