5 funny things about horses

5 Funny Things about Horses

Horses have a very funny side. They can look like serious and boring animals, and then they show us very funny faces.   These are 5 Funny Things about Horses:   1. Showing their upper teeth: The result is they look like they are having a good laugh. What they are doing is called a [&hellip...
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horses in the countryside feeding

Polo Horse Feeding – Part 2

The polo horse feeding is as important as that of an athlete. The care, feeding, hydration and routine of the horse is extremely important for optimal development.   The horse’s diet is a herbivorous diet, which includes for example: forage, oats, barley, hay, fruits, flaxseed, corn, whea...
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bikes and horses sharing trails in estancias and rural areas

Bikes and Horses Sharing Trails

Whenever you visit an estancia, you can choose from different exciting options to relax. If you want to have a great time out of town, horse riding and cycling are perfect for you. Whatever your preference is, you should bear in mind a few safety tips for bikes and horses sharing trails. Visiting an...
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