Why horses are great for children

Why horses are great for kids

Horses are one of the most special animals out there, capable of making a deep connection with humans like no other. We believe age should not impose an impediment on this lifelong friendship because, as different studies show, kids can be greatly benefitted by riding horses and interacting with them. Equestrian activities do indeed enhance a range of life skills in children


Here is why horses are great for kids:

Developing problem solving and decision-making skills

Horse riding is no easy task. When a rider is on top of a horse, they face a lot obstacles to avoid and instances where a good decision must be made fast and efficiently. In children, who are just starting to getting to know the world for themselves, developing these abilities is fundamental and a horse is the best companion to do so.


Character development

Interacting with horses and pony can make great advances in a child’s character development. It helps with building responsibility, accountability, patience, empathy, kindness, and self-discipline.


Increased focus

Horse riding requires a fair amount of attention and focus from the rider to avoid obstacles and ride safely. This learned concentration and the perseverance needed to horse ride can later show up in kids’ schoolwork, improving their performance in the classroom.


Health benefits

Horse riding offers and intense and complete exercise. It has aerobic benefits and helps develop useful skills like balance of the core, a full-body coordination as well as flexibility. It’s a genuine complete body workout.



Having fun is perhaps the most important and wonderful of childhood. Horses make the greatest companions for long days of riding, grooming and loving. Hanging out with horses, out in the open air with nature is extremely fun for all kids who wish to spend their time outdoors, being active or with an animal.


Now you know why horses are great for children. If you would like your children to spend time with horses and nature, book our kid friendly horse riding lessons for a fun day trip from Buenos Aires!

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