horses and children

Horses and Children, an Interaction Full of Benefits

Horses are very special animals and have a fairly deep relationship with humans. Today we will learn how beneficial is the relationship between horses and children.

There are endless reasons why direct contact with horses is recommended. It has recently been confirmed that children who are in contact with horses experience a substantial reduction in stress.

The interaction between children and equines causes a change in the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. It is proven that healthy patterns of this hormone can protect against the development of health problems, both physical and mental. Therefore, it is highly recommended to promote the relationship between horses and children, allowing them to learn about the behavior of the horse, its care, grooming, handling, riding, among others.

Horse riding offers the development of sensations that cannot be experienced in any other sport, or in any other way. To give you an idea, just with the movement of the jog, more than 100 muscles move at once. And the sensations of galloping, or jumping, are even more different and powerful. This stimulus is so powerful that, at a moment of development as important as the first years of life, a series of neurological connections are created, a footprint, which cannot be experienced again in another evolutionary moment. In turn, contact with the animal provides autonomy, also helps to overcome fears and obstacles, which causes great personal satisfaction that increases self-esteem and balances behavior.

If you ask your child if he or she would like to meet a horse, I am convinced that he/she will say yes. Children are attracted to horses. The power and freedom that a horse gives is something exceptional. This animal has a lot to teach, offering them the opportunity to do so, it is something that goes far beyond providing them with a fun or leisure activity.

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