transportation of the horse

Transportation of the Horse

There are many situations that make us think about the transportation of the horse, for example to go to a fair, to provide specific medical care or simply by moving home. Although it can cause us anguish, this displacement does not have to pose any risk for us or for the animals. All we need is follow some steps.

First of all, avoid any stress situation for the equine, so our attitude has to be as calm and peaceful as it can, essential as a starting point.

As for the vehicle, it has to be perfectly adapted and although it seems logical, it never hurts to remember, it is necessary that the trailer is well ventilated.

Generally, the first time a horse has to get on a trailer is disturbed and tends to recline back trying to escape. To avoid this confusion, which at the same time creates stressful situations, it would be very useful to have taught the animal to get into the vehicle before. This process has to be carried out with patience, without the use of whips or ties because the horse would be excited even more.

And it is very important that the animal should never be left alone, it should be guided calmly along the ramp.

Once it is inside the trailer it cannot be left loose, it is necessary to tie it well.

In addition, during the trip the animal must always wear a halter. In this regard, we would even point out that it would be convenient to always carry spare straps and halters.

The trailer must have an adequate height, related to the size of the equine (2-2.50m). The interior must be free of objects that can cause wounds such as sharp tips and sharp edges. An appropriate floor to facilitate that the horse can maintain balance during the journey (without breakage, or slippery material). And last but not least, the driver in turn, has to be a person with experience in this function, to avoid rapid movements and sudden braking.

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