A group of horses enjoy a warm afternoon in Buenos Aires.

Some fun facts about horses you probably didn’t know

Horses have been with us humans for thousands of years, but do we really know everything about them? We present these fun facts about these enigmatic animals that you probably did not know.

Contrary to popular belief, horses do not see in a gray scale, but their eyes can detect a wide spectrum of colors, red and green being some of the few colors that they cannot distinguish one from another.

Whilst they can’t see as many colors as people, they do have an impressive almost 360° field of vision!

While we can detect sounds with a frequency between 20Hz and 20kHz, horses do so between 55Hz and 33.5kHz so they can rely much more on their sense of hearing than humans.

Another great attribute of horses is their speed. Did you know that the average speed of professional polo horses is 60 km/h?

But horses are not only distinguished for their physical qualities, they are very intelligent sentient beings. They have the ability to detect, understand and even mold their behavior to people’s emotions. This is why they are one of the most thought of animal when doing therapy!


Did you know any of these fun facts about horses? Let us know!

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