person riding a horse

How to get on a horse for the first time

Some people may feel a little intimidated by horse riding, not because of horses themselves, but because they are not sure how to approach them safely. Here are some tips to get on a horse for the first time and enjoy an amazing horse riding experience.

You should first stand next to your horse and hold your rain and main with your left hand. Take your left foot with your toe facing your horse’s nose and keeping tour hip close to him. If your horse starts to move, this mounting technique will help you easily remove your foot and set it back down again. Now you are ready to get on your horse.

To get on your horse, place the palm of your right hand in the middle of your saddle. With your left hand holding the rain and main, it is time to push up and swing your right leg over. When pushing up, pressing down with your hand over the saddle helps reduce your physical effort and the pressure over the horse’s back.

With these tips and your instructor’s guidance, you will realize that mounting is not as hard as you think. This is a matter of practice and confidence. And remember that you can also use a mounting block in case you need extra help.

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