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Steps to Horseback Riding

The horse is one of the most docile animals and has best adapted to life with humans. For centuries, man and equines have established a close relationship of friendship. However, and despite what it may seem at first, horseback riding is not easy. In today’s post we are going to tell you the steps to follow to ride the horse, if you follow our instructions you will get it.

If you are a beginner, you may find a mounting block useful. These objects are small pieces of wood similar to a stool, which will help you to climb better on top of the horse, since climbing directly from the ground is not something easy.

Stand on the left side of the animal and place your left foot in the left stirrup and push the body up. Next, draw an arch with your right leg, as if you were going to hug the horse’s body, and introduce your right foot into the right stirrup.

During this process, someone may hold the horse’s head for you to facilitate it. If not, you must hold the reins tight with your left hand. Of course, do not stretch too much to prevent the horse from starting to walk.

Once you are up, get into a position that allows you to maintain your balance. It is crucial to have your back as straight as possible. Then place your legs (always inward) and hold the reins correctly. Once there, you can start moving with the horse.

This skill is difficult to master correctly, since it is influenced by many factors: the skill of the rider, the type of horse, the tools used, among others. Anyway, if you have the opportunity, enjoy the magic of horseback riding.

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