The best option to start riding, whether or not we have one of these animals at home, is to go to an entity or specialized school in the initiation to equestrian or horse riding.

There we will find everything necessary: ​​materials, facilities, competent teachers and experts in the field, as well as horses more than accustomed to being assembled and that on paper should not present behavioral problems, etc.

There are people who, as in everything, have more aptitudes than others. Some may learn to ride horses in no time, but others will find something more rubbery. If we have a good teacher by our side, it will always be advisable.

Now comes the moment of truth, let’s go horseback riding! Do not be scared, if you follow these tips and recommendations, you’ll get it.

If you are a beginner, a riding block may be very useful for you. These objects are small pieces of wood similar to a stool, which will help you climb better on the horse, since climbing directly from the ground is not simple.

Place yourself on the left side of the animal, and place the left foot on the left stirrup and push the body upwards. Next, draw an arc with your right leg, as if you were going to embrace the horse’s body, and insert your right foot into the right abutment.

During this process, someone can hold the horse’s head to make it easier for you. If not, you have to hold the reins strong with your left hand. Of course, do not stretch much to prevent the horse begins to walk.

Once you are up, be in a position that allows you to maintain balance. It is crucial to have your back as straight as possible. Next, place the legs (always inwards) and hold the reins correctly.